Breastfeeding is…

…those who navigate the uncertainties involved in early stages of breastfeeding are very likely to come to a place of contentment, simplicity, relaxed feelings about breastfeeding and the holistic health benefits that it promises.

Home Oriented Maternity Experience

Home Oriented Maternity Experience — “H.O.M.E. Meetings”  “H.O.M.E. Meetings” are a tradition of home birth families dating back to April, 1974 when a group of five women conceived the idea of an educational organization for couples needing information and support for home birth. Since then, H.O.M.E. grew into a cohesive group of parents and birth attendants who support safe home birth in … Continue reading Home Oriented Maternity Experience

A Privilege to Witness

Written by Midwife, Laurie Zoyiopoulos, CPM Something I wrote a couple of years ago after a home VBAC….. Yesterday I was a midwife more than a baby catcher. Some think that the 2 are always the same, but I know that they are not. Most of the time I catch a baby as the mother … Continue reading A Privilege to Witness

A Trip to Women’s Prison

“Midwives historically have been known as the wise women of the community. People came to midwives for birth, healing, counsel and death. We believe every woman is a midwife.”  ~Alice Skenandore, Wise Women Gathering Place, Inc.   A month ago when Dr. Janet Hagen asked me to speak at the John C. Burke Correctional Center … Continue reading A Trip to Women’s Prison

Resuscitating the Birth Defects Foundation

The March of Dimes is a long standing organization. Founded in 1938 by President Roosevelt, the original purpose of the foundation was to address the problem of polio, which can be compared to the AIDS epidemic in severity. Through March of Dimes funding, Jonas Salk researched and developed the killed virus polio vaccine. March of … Continue reading Resuscitating the Birth Defects Foundation