Video Introduction to H.O.M.E

Free Home Oriented Maternity Experience

Breastfeeding is…

…those who navigate the uncertainties involved in early stages of breastfeeding are very likely to come to a place of contentment, simplicity, relaxed feelings about breastfeeding and the holistic health benefits that it promises.

National Newborn Screening Awareness Month

Newborn Screening: A Few Drops of Blood Can Save a Baby’s Life First Written For News-Herald Media September is National Newborn Screening Awareness Month, and 2013 is the 50th anniversary of newborn screening nationally. The first newborn screening test was for PKU. Wisconsin began testing for PKU in 1965. MADISON — Welcoming a new baby … Continue reading National Newborn Screening Awareness Month

Pride Goeth Before Destruction…

…and a haughty spirit before a fall. Last Friday I went mountain biking on the recreational trail near my house.  I fell off an 18 foot cliff, landing on the rocks at the bottom of the creek-bed.  My dog helped me get up and out of there and I called my oldest daughter to pick me up with … Continue reading Pride Goeth Before Destruction…

Routine Newborn Appointments May Undermine Breast Feeding

Upon discharge from birth facilities new parents are asked to bring their newborn into a pediatrician’s office several times in the first week postpartum. Bringing the newborn to a medical facility requires the postpartum mother to attend to social standards that are not helpful to the establishment of good breastfeeding technique. Getting dressed in “out … Continue reading Routine Newborn Appointments May Undermine Breast Feeding

Resuscitating the Birth Defects Foundation

The March of Dimes is a long standing organization. Founded in 1938 by President Roosevelt, the original purpose of the foundation was to address the problem of polio, which can be compared to the AIDS epidemic in severity. Through March of Dimes funding, Jonas Salk researched and developed the killed virus polio vaccine. March of … Continue reading Resuscitating the Birth Defects Foundation