Home Oriented Maternity Experience

Home Oriented Maternity Experience — “H.O.M.E. Meetings” 

“H.O.M.E. Meetings”
 are a tradition of home birth families dating back to April, 1974 when a group of five women conceived the idea of an educational organization for couples needing information and support for home birth.

Since then, H.O.M.E. grew into a cohesive group of parents and birth attendants who support safe home birth in nearly every state in the U.S.  and in Israel.

The H.O.M.E. series consists of five meetings which are offered free of charge and cover all aspects of home birth.  Resources such as books, video showings, literature and professional assistance are provided.

Mothers, fathers, family members, friends and any interested persons are encouraged to participate in the full series because it is the parents’ responsibility to prepare for a safe home birth.

The Home Oriented Maternity Experience is devoted to helping couples achieve the optimum experience of a safe home birth; bringing together those who have had home births, those who want home birth, professionals and childbirth educators.

Midwife, Alice Skenandore, formerly of the Las Vegas Area Midwives, introduced H.O.M.E. to northeast Wisconsin when she re-located to Oneida in 1992.

In conjunction with Alice Skenandore and Wise Women Gathering Place, Country Midwife began offering H.O.M.E. meetings in August 1997.  Since then we have had the pleasure of organizing approximately 140 H.O.M.E. Meetings and the honor of serving over a thousand participants.

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