Pride Goeth Before Destruction…

…and a haughty spirit before a fall.

Last Friday I went mountain biking on the recreational trail near my house.  I fell off an 18 foot cliff, landing on the rocks at the bottom of the creek-bed.  My dog helped me get up and out of there and I called my oldest daughter to pick me up with the van and bring me back to my own car which was quite a ways away. 

I drove to the hospital and was examined.  I have no broken bones  but my hip ligaments are torn, bruised and sprained, both ankles are sprained. There is a lot of bruising and contusions but no internal organ damage.  I was wearing my helmet which protected my face, head and neck from all damage.  I feel remarkably well after all that happened, but will begin physical therapy on Thursday this week to help regain/maintain the best possible range of motion and mobility of the injured areas. 

I am thankful for the flexibility and physical strength that God has given me; especially when attending a birth and need to get into a funny position while “catching the baby”.   In recent years I have “softened up” and sustained other injuries; I notice lingering, lower back pain after births. It’s most noticeable when leaning over a low bed to reach the baby or mother during postnatal exams.  I’ve come to really appreciate births where families have “risers” on their beds which put them at or above my waist level! 

I look forward to physical therapy and healing fully from this fall. 

Of course…the fall led me to a Bible study of “falls”; which in turn, led to the above-quoted verse in Proverbs and a subsequent Bible study of haughtiness.  Now, falling off a bike is not necessarily a spiritual lesson in and of itself, but I am moved to examine my life for hints (or maybe blatant flags) of haughtiness, and with the loving help of Jesus Christ, to turn away from that haughty spirit toward a more Christ-like spirit.

I’m excited that God saw it fit to let me continue living.  He could have taken my life in an instant and the fact that He cushioned my landing, allowing me to survive with virtually NO serious damage, confirms that His purposes for my life are intact.   Living with a sense of God-given purpose always lightens my heart and brings a song of joy to my lips!

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