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U.S. Home Birth Transports: The Numbers

“Of the 5418 women, 655 (12.1%) were transferred to hospital intrapartum or postpartum… Five out of every six women transferred were transferred before delivery, half (51.2%) for failure to progress, pain relief or exhaustion.  After delivery, 1.3% of mothers and 0.7% of newborns were transferred to hospital, most commonly for maternal haemorrhage (0.6% of total … Continue reading U.S. Home Birth Transports: The Numbers

Home Oriented Maternity Experience

Home Oriented Maternity Experience — “H.O.M.E. Meetings”  “H.O.M.E. Meetings” are a tradition of home birth families dating back to April, 1974 when a group of five women conceived the idea of an educational organization for couples needing information and support for home birth. Since then, H.O.M.E. grew into a cohesive group of parents and birth attendants who support safe home birth in … Continue reading Home Oriented Maternity Experience