Care Plan

Typical Care Plan: 

Oak Grove Midwifery, LLC offers licensed midwifery services within a 75 mile radius of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  We specialize in prenatal wellness, home birth, water birth, newborn health, lactation and postpartum well-being.

We offer the following services to healthy people during pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum and in the newborn stage.  Please call (920) 328-5622 to set up a free initial consultation and learn more about services offered.  


  • Initial consultation or group orientation
  • First prenatal appointment to review health history, conduct overall physical and prenatal exams, and obtain samples for routine lab tests.
  • Monthly prenatal check-ups from early pregnancy through 28 weeks gestation
  • Bi-monthly prenatal check ups from 30 through 36 weeks gestation
  • A home visit at 36 weeks gestation
  • Weekly prenatal check ups from 37 weeks gestation until birth

Labor & Birth

  • Phone calls during early labor to answer questions 
  • Midwives come to your home when you are in active labor 
  • When labor is active, midwives will stay at your home, monitoring well-being of you and baby, and if needed, help you understand what is happening, ways to preserve energy, manage your sensations and cope with emotions 
  • Immediate postpartum stabilization of newborn and maternal body systems (breathing, temperature control, blood loss, hydration, etc.)
  • Inspect for and repair minor vaginal lacerations
  • Assist with first newborn feeding(s) at the breast
  • Prepare something for you to eat, help you to the bathroom to empty bladder and take a shower, assist you in getting dressed in clean pajamas or clothes
  • General clean-up, remove garbage, change bed linens, start a load of laundry


  • Assist with establishing good position, latch and sucking pattern at breast 
  • Head to toe physical, neurological and developmental examinations within two hours of birth and again at 24-48 hours
  • Routine newborn screenings for metabolic disorders, hearing loss and life threatening congenital heart defects 
  • File birth certificate and apply for social security number
  • Troubleshooting and help correcting feeding problems
  • Referral to specialists when feeding problems persist
  • One day, three day, one week, two week, four week and six week health checks


  • One day, three-five day, one-two week, and six week exams
  • Processing of your birth experience
  • First two weeks of postpartum care is in your home, two-week through six-week visits are in office
  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders and referral to specialists if needed
  • Family planning consultation
  • Cervical cancer screening at six weeks postpartum as needed
  • Ongoing phone contact to answer questions


In everything we, do adaptability is key.  The typical care plan might not be what you need; we do our best to mold our way of doing things to fit your needs, within the scope of our abilities.  You are highly encouraged to discuss your hopes, needs, wants and expectations with us any time during the course of care.  We promise to listen, give non-judgmental feedback when appropriate and to assist you in reaching your goals if it is within our power to do so.


  • Personalized care for every pregnant person and newborn
  • Pregnancy and birth are states of normal health, not illness
  • Promote health by providing unbiased education to help clients make informed decisions about your own care
  • Informed consent for procedures and other aspects of your care
  • Natural birth is ideal for most (not all) pregnancies 
  • Breastfeeding is ideal for most (not all) newborns
  • Parents are the best caretakers/decision makers for your own families
  • Parent to parent support with people who have similar experience to you
  • Pregnancy and birth are spiritual rites of passage
  • Respect for the unseen process that occurs along with physical changes

We wish the very best to you and your family as you navigate the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting!

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